Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nov 13, 2010, A sprint – Northtrail Park, from Illinois River Valley Orienteering Club (IRVOC)

The event

Probably I attended this event because I loved orienteering so much.  The drive was almost two hours, but a sprint orienteering course can be finished within 15 minutes, so attending this event was uneconomical.  Moreover, I had another regular orienteering event to attend in the following day in Chicago.  The major reason for attending this event was actually because I had not done a sprint course before, so I would like to give a try.

The map of the course is shown below.  Note that this was a new map and was used for the first time.  The course was also very easy and had a yellow rating, so this course was about who made the decision fastest and ran fastest.

Moreover, I took a panoramic video to show how close the controls were next to each other.

The entire course took me about 11 minutes to complete.

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